Baap.Digital help's bring your business technological, operational, and economic objectives into alignment. Our in-depth and up-to-date industry knowledge of data processing and analyzing tools allow us to assess your unique structure requirements and IT-based key performance indicators. We provide solutions that help you maximize productivity and output.

"We help businesses with their digital transformation by providing engineering and consulting services that foster competitiveness and innovation."


Baap.Digial is one of the leading software and mobile app development companies in Canada. We always strive to deliver mobility solutions that meet the needs of business, industry and end users. We believe in adopting the latest trends as per the user’s demand, be it Blockchain, Apple TV, Android wear, IoT, Beacon, game app and much more; we work with every technology. Our mobile-first approach makes us focus on your requirements; then we strategize mobile app development process to take your business ideas from conceptualization which always dominates the position on App store and Play store.



Our expertise in programming languages, frameworks, libraries and tools allow us to build projects of any scale and complexity.
We can turn your Dream into a digital reality.


You may dream an idea and not know where to begin. Baap.digitals market research team will help you clearly define your dream idea.


With Baap.Digital, you’ve got options. We don’t dictate what we think is best. We assess your current conditions, generate a list of solutions, and go through the pros and cons of each with your appropriate team member(s). Once a plan of action has been solidified, development begins.


We deliver the different stages of your solutions based on clear and pre-approved indicators that account for project size, timelines, risk-assessment periods, and other internal and external factors.

Who We Work With

Baap.Digital helps you drive the business transformation of your organization through the alignment of strategies, objectives, business capabilities, processes, and technology stack.

Small-Medium-Large Business

Allowing business's to focus on their internal & marketing business initiatives while delivering them on time and within budget.


Helping startups acquire talent & execute a delivery process that keeps future releases on track and at affordable rates.


Our delivery team works as an extension of your in-house team members. We work with you to deliver projects for your clients.


What We Do

With our solutions, you can effectively incorporate digital into your organization’s
DNA by incorporating customer experience and business innovation.


Building high-quality software applications is only half of the job. We also build a creative and modern User Experience in every application. We are able to provide the full design process from concept to wireframe, and full graphic design for your software.


Whether you’re still in the development stage of your business, have industry-specific needs, or need to scale for a large corporation, Baap.Digital will seamlessly transition your solution from concept to reality.


Baap.Digital designs and builds mobile solutions across devices and platforms, for consumer‑facing and corporate environment.

Improve every aspect of your business.

Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business by matching our processes to your preferences while delivering to high quality services with lower investments.

Database Design and Support

Every application we develop relies on a strong and efficient data model. Our team effectively designs and maintains databases that work on RDBMS or NoSQL systems, such as SQL Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Front-End Development

We know how much your business depends on how your website looks and feels, so we pay special attention to it. Our development team has extensive skills in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, including jQuery, KnockoutJS, TypeScript and AngularJS frameworks.


Our blockchain development services span the delivery of secure centralized and decentralized, hyperledger, ethereum, private blockchain solutions for various domains, and integration of blockchain-based modules into existing software to ensure data integrity and compliance, and reduce fraud.

Apple & Android Apps

We transform your idea into a digital reality just the way you envision it. Our mobile app developers work based on your requirements to create a unique Android / iOS app specially tailored for you.

Business Intelligence

Changing the way organizations monitor and forecast their business by implementing cutting edge dashboard solutions using QLIK Sense and Power BI.

Internet of Things

Organize, model and store your object data to make it suitable for analysis. Analyze and visualize your object data with meaningful descriptive analytics. Monitor and control your smart things through Azure IoT or AWS IoT.

Machine Learning

Learn from your data. Build predictive and machine learning models that help prescribe actionable, real-life measures to prevent, mitigate or ensure certain outcomes. Apply advanced data science tools to explore and discover intelligence in your data.


Our team delivers custom multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS solutions that achieve high levels of concurrent access and allow your web-based business to innovate quickly and scale indefinitely to meet customer demand.

Distributed Back-End Systems

Our team can create highly scalable distributed back-end applications that intend to process massive amounts of data and work under a heavy load.


Industries That We Work With


We develop and manage your software for you. By aligning ourselves with your goals, we create a synergized unit.


Burrow • Fabric • Indy • Iroha • Sawtooth


Azure • MVC • C#


Spring • Hibernate • Jersey


Angular 2.0 • Typescript • Node.JS


Swift • Obj-C • CoreData • Realm


Java • Google Services • Android APIs


Ethereum • Staller • NEM • IOTA • Smart Contract


Magento • Drupal • WordPress • Woocommerce

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